Don’t throw out your old glasses! Re-use, re-cycle…

Perhaps you’ve recently gone for an eye test and your prescription has changed, maybe your lenses or frames have cracked or bent out of shape, or you’re simply after a new style. Whatever the reason is, you now have an old pair of glasses on your hands. So what can you do to avoid sending them to landfill?

My first recommendation BEFORE getting new glasses is to always consider spending a little extra on a quality frame that will last longer. They might cost a bit more to start but when they last the distance you will save in the long run.

Did you know that if your frame is in good condition we can re-use it by putting new lenses in? We will assess it for you and if we think it will last a few more years we can use your existing frames for your new prescription (saving you money AND saving the frame from landfill!).

If you have pairs of old glasses that you just don’t want or need anymore then please DONATE them. We collect glasses on behalf of Lions Club, they are used overseas for vision impaired people who can’t afford to buy them.

Imagine if we all diverted our glasses from landfill. Now, that’s a vision!